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Vertibraid | Sinking Braid | Buy Ultima Fishing Line Onlineá


Specialist Mainline Braid
Teflon Coated
Dyneema / Kevlar Blend
Low Diameter

Vertibraid is the specialist high performance mainline super braid that offers ultimate control, sensitivity and immediate bite detection at extreme distances.

Designed to sink quickly, the round profile and Teflon coating deliver minimum drag and maximum abrasion resistance. The Teflon coating also significantly adds to the smooth and easy retrieval of this line from distance.

Super supple and produced in a low vis weed green camouflage fleck, Vertibraid hugs the bottom of the lake bed for maximum concealment.

Long term tested and developedby Ultima consultants, including Frank Warwick, Jim Shelly and Alan Taylor at Rainbow. Vertibraid must be considered the ultimate sinking carp braid.

Colours: Weed Green Camo
Size Range: 30.0 & 40.0lb
Lengths: 450m and 1,000m

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"Vertibraid is low diameter and supple, and had a round profile for minimal drag. The Teflon coating improves the abrasion resistance as well. Ultima Vertibraid gives me total confidence and I use it for all my big water fishing now. It always delivers so reliably"
Frank Warwick

“Thin, incredibly strong and fast sinking. The best big water braid I've yet to see.“
Jim Shelly

“Vertibraid is equally useable when boating out or casting, the zero stretch makes its bite detection instantaneous even at the most extreme range on big continental waters. The abrasion resistance and durability incredibly strong and sinking. The best big water braid I've yet to see.”
Steve Renyard

“Has been my preferred choice for hard waters like Rainbow for a number of years now and has always delivered.”
Alan Taylor


Vertibraid is the specialist high performance, Dynaflex® PE based sinking mainline braid which offers superb sensitivity and outstanding bite detection over extreme distances. Carefully designed to sink reliably, the round profile and Teflon® coating deliver minimum drag and maximum abrasion resistance. The Teflon® coating also significantly adds to the smooth retrieval capability of this line. Continually tested by Alan Taylor at Rainbow with superb results, Vertibraid must be the first choice for sinking carp braid.
B/St lbs B/St kgs ømm 250m Spool 450m Spool 1000m Spool
30.0 13.6 0.20 E3516 E3536 E3566
40.0 18.2 0.25 E3518 E3538 E3568


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