Fugitive - Coated Hooklink 

Fugitive - Coated Hooklink

Beschichtetes Geflecht
Glatte Oberfläche
Spaltet Sich Nicht auf
Geringe Sichtbarkeit
Sehr Zuverlässig

Fugitive is the innovative coated hook link material that has been designed with an easily removable split resistant coating over an extra supple Phantom super braid core.

Cleverly designed, the coating on Fugitive is transparent making the line appear thinner and less obtrusive to fish than solid coloured equivalents, and allows the camouflage colouring  of the core braid to show for maximum concealment.

This remarkable product can be easily steamed straight or formed into any shape required.

Fugitive is extremely reliable and versatile and ideal for a wide variety of rig designs and advanced presentation methods.  

Colours: Weed & Mud/Silt
Size Range: 20.0 / 30.0lb
Spool Sizes: 20m



“This product was years in development and it’s the first coated braid that ticks all the boxes. Thinner, stronger and suppler than any other hook link available its highly abrasion resistant matt camo coating is easily strippable and won’t split. The high tech Dyneema core is ultra-supple for ultimate presentation and designed with a camo fleck for minimum visibility. I think Ultima should be very proud of what they have achieved here.”
Steve Renyard

Fugitive è un filato da terminale tecnico molto apprezzato dai carpisti di mezzo mondo. Costituito da una parte interna molto morbida(Phantom)è ricoperto da una guaina rigida ma facilmente rimovibile, è ottimo per la costruzione di terminali combinati.
Andrea Fatato – Team Ultima Italia
Quando la resistenza all’abrasione di un terminale non è mai abbastanza serve un rivestimento efficace che garantisca quella robustezza in più. Ultima Fugitive è semplice da utilizzare e vi darà la fiducia in pesca che serve!
Emiliano Bani – Team Ultima Italia
Quando mi trovo a pescare su fondali con grosse pietre e voglio realizzare un terminale resistente all’abrasione come un grosso fluorocarbon mantenendo la giusta morbidezza, allora mi affido a Flaccid.
Mauro Mormile – Team Ultima Italia


Fugitive is a remarkable coated hook link that has been designed to allow the construction of a wide variety of combination rigs. A supple, finely woven Phantom core is covered with a easily removable coating that will steam super stiff if required. The unique Fugitive coatings are clear with a matt finish, making them look thinner and less obtrusive than solid coloured alternatives. Fugitive doesn't split and is very versatile and perfect for a wide variety of rig designs and presentation methods. A very cleverly designed product.
B/St lbs B/St kgs 20m Spool
20.0 9.1 E4164
30.0 13.6 E4166
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