Black Ice 

Black Ice

Extra Strong
Low Visibility
Super Soft
High Knot Strength
Total Reliability

Black Ice is the high quality, low visibility beach and boat mono that is great for any angling situation.

Black Ice is soft and supple making it excellent casting and presentation and very easy to use. The high quality copolymer it is made from make Black Ice not only very strong,  but extremely abrasion resistant and this line has become renowned for its great reliability in the toughest conditions.

The crystal clear nature makes the line almost invisible in both clear and coloured water.

Black Ice is a great high quality all-round beach and boat line.

Colour: Crystal Clear
Range: 12.0lb to 50.0lb
Spool Sizes: 600m & 4oz Spools

NB: Due to maximum spool capaity on 600m spools the 25lb contains only 500m and 30lb only 400m. The price remains the same.



"Black Ice is a superb line, it gives you all the qualities you would expect of a great mainline but as it's clear, it's really hard to see. Black Ice is totally reliable and just won't let you down."
Pete Corker - World Silver Medallist

"A superb Ultima product, my choice around my local fiat sandy beaches. Great match fishing line, limp, strong, good knot strength and abrasion resistance in a crystal clear line. A great go anywhere do anything line"
Dean Sumner - Team England


Un monofilo dall’imbattibile rapporto qualità/prezzo, disponibile nei diametri da 0,32mm a 0,65mm…..resistenza al nodo e robustezza eccellente in tutte le situazioni.
Mauro Mormile – Team Ultima Italia
Ideale nella pesca dalla barca con il vivo, eccellente rapporto qualità/prezzo per un prodotto che dà sempre la massima affidabilità in tutte le situazioni.
Raffaele Carotenuto – Team Ultima Italia


Designed using the highest quality materials and most advanced production techniques, Black Ice is exceptionally strong with a remarkable knot strength. Black Ice has been engineered to deliver extremely high abrasion resistance that will cope with the roughest ground and most unpredictable conditions. Black Ice is made to be soft and supple aiding casting and presentation, so that it is very easy to use. Designed not to be seen, the crystal clear colour makes the line very difficult to make out both in clear and coloured water.

Crystal Clear
B/St lbs B/St kgs ømm 600m Spool 4oz Spool
10.0 4.6 0.30 E5542 E5572
12.0 5.5 0.32 E5543 E5573
15.0 7.1 0.35 E5544 E5574
18.0 8.2 0.38 E5545 E5575
20.0 9.1 0.40 E5546 E5576
25.0 11.3 0.45 E5547 E5577
30.0 14.2 0.50 E5542 E5578
35.0 15.9 0.55 E5543 E5579
40.0 18.1 0.60 O E5580
50.0 23.0 0.65 O E5572
The ‘E’ number is the product code and shows this product is available. 
If ‘O’ appears then this product is not available in this size/length/colour combination.

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