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Powerflex | Strong Hi Vis Shockleader | Buy Online At The Ultima Store


High Strength
Low Stretch
High Power
World Records
High and Low Visibility

Designed with a very low stretch factor to deliver more power to the lead during compression, Powerflex therefore helps produce significantly longer casting distances.

Powerflex is soft and supple and makes small neat knots that cast well and reduce weed pickup on retrieval.

This remarkable shock leader has been used to win all the major international shore fishing championships. On the tournament field it has also been outstanding and in 2013 alone Powerflex was used to break two World Casting Records and win three World Championship events. The ultimate shock leader.

Colours: Crystal & Fire Orange
Range: 40lb to 80lb
Spool Size: 50m Spools,  4oz Spools, 500gr Spools



"A powerful product that provides exactly what you need from a shock leader. It is supple, has high knot strength and the knots bed down well. Powerflex helps deliver those vital extra yards"
Joe Arch - World Gold Medallist – Former CIPS WORLD No1


Powerflex is unbelievable stuff. It is really supple making it very user friendly and knots much more easily because of this. It doesn't kink when you pull it out and I also use it or leaders and rig bodies. It ties such beautiful knots and has never ever let me down.
Bernard Westgarth - England International


"My first choice for all my rig bodies and shock leaders, it always performs totally reliably and has never ever let me down while power casting, plus it is just the right diameter for the crimps for rig making. Outstanding knot strength and abrasion resistance. Superb stuff"
Dean Sumner - Team England


I’ve been using the Powerflex since I started casting in 2015. I’ve taken 2 welsh records and been the first welsh man to hit over 300 yards in wales, as well as other 300s in Dorchester and Cornwall.
Andrew Sheehan – UKSF British Casting Champion 2018

I use Powerflex quite simply because it’s the best leader and rig body material available,  particularly for clipped rigs once it’s been stretched it’s a solid/robust body meaning clipped rigs stay clipped. It also knots extremely well.
Leo Crofts – Team Scotland

I use Powerflex as a long rubbing shock leader over some of the roughest ground in the North of Scotland and also as a rig body. It stands up well to abrasion and knots extremely well. The three different spool sizes are also perfect for making rigs and having spare in the box or rucksack.
Alan Combe - Team Scotland

“A terrific line for shock leader and trace bodies alike. Sits perfectly on the reel and knots great.”
David Neil – Scotland International

I have used Powerflex for a number of years for rig bodies and shock leaders over a number of venues and continue to be impressed by its durability. The fire orange viz option also means we can switch to a visible option in darkness, so you can spot your leader coming in.
Brian Maxwell - Team Scotland

“I use Powerflex quite simply because it’s the best leader and rig body material available – particularly for clipped rigs once it’s been stretched it’s a solid/robust body meaning clipped rigs stay clipped. When fishing for pelagic species you also need a rig body material that is anti-twist and can be straightened out particularly after three whiting have wrapped themselves up and down the material. Brilliant stuff”
Chris Horn – Scotland International

“I have used Powerflex in a number of breaking strains for a good few years now and continue to be impressed with its lack of stretch, excellent knot strength and low diameter to breaking strain.
Mike Horn – Scotland International

“I use Powerflex mainly as a shock leader over some mixed ground venues and find it stands up very well to abrasion whilst maintaining its strength – something rare in today’s market. The 4oz spool option also makes it a cost effective way to make rigs and carry spare leader in my box.”
Peter Smalls – Scotland International


Ultima Powerflex

Powerflex® has been engineered with very low stretch, allowing more power direct to the lead during the compression stage of the cast and launching your lead to achieve vital extra yards. With Powerflex®, knots bed down exceptionally well, helping it cast smoothly and reducing weed pickup on retrieval. Powerflex® is the first choice shockleader for many of the world's best international anglers and has dominated world championship events for the past fifteen years. Powerflex® is extremely strong with a very high knot strength, making it possibly the safest, most reliable shock leader available.

B/St lbs B/St kgs ømm 50m Spool 4oz Spool
40.0 18.0 0.60 E6412 O
50.0 22.6 0.65 E6413 E6433
60.0 27.2 0.70 E6414 E6434
70.0 31.8 0.75 E6415 E6435
80.0 36.0 0.80 E6416 E6436

Fire Orange
B/St lbs B/St kgs ømm 50m Spool 4oz Spool
40.0 18.0 0.60 E6512 E6532
50.0 22.6 0.65 E6513 E6533
60.0 27.2 0.70 E6514 E6534
70.0 31.8 0.75 E6515 E6535
80.0 36.0 0.80 E6516 E6536

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