Powerflex Tapered 

Powerflex Tapered

High Power
Extreme Range
Low Diameter
15m Total Length
8m Parallel Section
7m Tapered Section
Fluorocarbon Coated

Based on the world-wide success of Powerflex, Powerflex Tapered leaders have been designed to take that success one step forward.

Made with the same materials and to exacting standards Powerflex Tapered leaders have gained universal recognition for their high performance, consistency and reliability.

Invariably reviewed as e the best, you won't find better performing or more reliable tapered leaders anywhere.

Five leaders of 15 metres on a spool each with an 8 metre parallel section and 7 metre tapered section.

Colour: Crystal Clear
Range: 12b to 30lb, 15 t0 50lb, 15 to 60lb, 18 to 70lb

Spool Size: 5  leaders per spool



"Powerflex Tapers are strong, consistent, and totally reliable and give you significantly more distance when needed."
Chris Stephens - Team Wales

“Powerflex Tapered leaders knot well and is low stretch allowing ‘feel of the lead during the cast which is particularly important when using continental rod set ups. “
Brian Maxwell - Team Scotland


“Powerflex Tapered Leaders are just perfect, not only strong and reliable but providing a small knot to avoid weed build up. “
David Neil – Scotland International

"The best Tapered leaders money can buy"
Pete Corker - Team Wales

“I have more recently also incorporated Powerflex Tapered Leaders into my leaders and am really impressed. The high power low stretch and the ability to make very small neat knot make Powerflex superior to any other Tapered leader I’ve seen”
Mike Horn – Scotland International

Un’eccellente shock leader conico per il surf casting e lancio tecnico, disponibile in varie opzioni e comunicazioni di diametri.
Raffaele Carotenuto – Team Ultima Italia


Powerflex Tapered Shock Leader

The tried and tested Ultima Powerflex® now in a tapered form. Developed in cooperation with several of our International anglers, these leaders are of ultimate quality and high performance. Powerflex® Tapered leaders have been specifically designed and tested to perform at the highest level of competition as well as in any angling situation. They are 15 metres in length with an 8 metre parallel section and 7 metre taper. When compared with other brands, Powerflex® Tapered leaders are invariably reviewed to be the best. You won't find better performing or more reliable tapered leaders anywhere.

Butt B/St Tip B/St Butt mm Tip mm 4oz Spool
12.0 30.0 0.60 0.32 E6613
15.0 50.0 0.65 0.35 E6615
15.0 60.0 0.70 0.35 E6617
18.0 70.0 0.75 0.38 E6619
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