Ultima Distance 

Ultima Distance

Ultra-Long Casting
Multiple Word records
Exact Diameter
High Visibility
Super Supple

A very specialist casting and spinning line that has been engineered to be super soft, smooth and consistent in order to achieve the greatest casting distances possible.

Originally designed in cooperation with the UKSF to meet the exacting tolerances required by International casting competition. We use a silicone impregnation process so that Ultima Distance delivers up to 15% greater range than conventional mono.

As a result Ultima Distance has helped casters achieve many World Casting Records and World Long Casting Championship Wins in recent years.  Particularly of note have been Alessio Massa's remarkable haul of World Championship Titles and World Records in 2013.

Distance is also very popular for fishing with anglers who want a strong, low stretch, high visibility line when surf casting, spinning and lure fishing.

Colour: Fire Orange
Range: 6lb to 30lb
Spool Sizes: 4oz and 1/2kg

NB: Due to maximum spool capaity on 600m spools the 25lb contains only 500m and 30lb only 400m. The price remains the same.




"Ultima Distance is the line on my reels. It is strong, smooth and limp, the perfect casting line. The line just runs off the, pouring away, the only limit is how much I can spool onto the reels."
Danny Moeskops - World Casting Champion

"The best distance casting line you can get and essential to my world records"
Allessio Massa - World Casting Champion - World Record Holder

"Distance has all the right attributes for both fixed spool and multiplier use. Not only does it cast beautifully, it also handles all the rigorous elements that sea fishing can throw at it.
Andy Miller - UKSF

"Ultima Distance delivers a combination of performance and reliability is now legendary in casting circles."
Colin Howlett - UKSF

"It does exactly what it says; this high visibility fine simply files off the reel and is designed principally to get you maximum range."
Henry Gilbey

Ultima Distance

Designed in cooperation with Andy Miller and Colin Howlett of the UKSF, Ultima Distance has been specifically engineered for maximum range and exacting tolerance. In test conditions Distance achieves up to 15% greater distance than conventional mono. Accurate diameter control ensures that Distance always meets the specified tolerances of international casting tournaments. Although originally conceived as an out and out casting line, Ultima Distance has been adopted by more and more anglers around who want a strong, low stretch, high visibility line for casting, spinning and lure fishing. A real joy to use.
B/St lbs B/St kgs ømm 600m Spool 4oz Spool 500gr Spool
6.0 2.7 0.25 E5239 E5269 E5279
8.0 3.6 0.28 E5240 E5270 E5280
10.0 4.6 0.31 E5241 E5271 E5281
12.0 5.5 0.33 E5242 E5272 E5282
15.0 6.8 0.35 E5243 E5273 E5283
18.0 8.1 0.38 E5244 E5274 E5284
20.0 9.1 0.40 E5245 E5275 E5285
25.0 11.4 0.45 E5246 E5276 E5286
30.0 13.6 0.50 E5247 E5277 O
 The ‘E’ number is the product code and shows this product is available. 
If ‘O’ appears then this product is not available in this size/length/colour combination.

Ultima Meterage Table

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