Ultima Tournament 

Ultima Tournament

Dual Bonded Copolymer
Super Slick
PRFE Coated
Highly Durable
Long Casting

Ultima Tournament has been designed for high performance and high durability in the toughest conditions.

Ultima have used their unmatched experience in polymer and production technology to achieve new levels of strength and knot strength in a Hi Vis line by developing a unique molecular dual bonding system. Even more remarkably Ultima technicians have engineered Tournament to be fifteen times more abrasion resistant than standard mono.

Tournament  has a unique PTFE coating that makes it super slick so it casts brilliantly and beds down on the spool perfectly every time.

Ultima have taken Hi Vis Solid line development to a new level with Ultima Tournament.

Available in two solid colour options.

Colours: Yellow (Solid), White (Solid),
Range: 14lb to 25lb
Spool Sizes: 4oz and 1/2 kg



"The abrasion resistance of Ultima Tournament is like nothing else I have ever seen before"
Pete Corker - World Silver Medallist - Team Wales

"Super slick and fast through the rings with brilliant knot strength. This is the best new beach line I have seen in a long time"
Steve Ace

I use Ultima Tournament for several reasons; 1) it’s diameter to breaking straining meaning I can use 0.30 instead of 0.32 or higher and 2) the smoothness of the line meaning casting is trouble free and you can feel any abrasion on the line on the retrieve. Both are particularly important when fishing at ‘range’ for species like dogfish where a sizeable amount of pressure is placed on the mainline staying intact.
Mike Kyle - Team Scotland
I have solely switched to Tournament for distance work on multipliers in 0.30, 0.32, 0.35 and 0.37 and have been seriously impressed with how it sits on the spool, its abrasion and high knot strength. The Hi-vis colours also stand out extremely well even in a surf line
Chris Horn - Team Scotland

“As a tournament caster as well as match angler, I prefer to use a line that combines low diameter with high abrasion resistant to allow the ability to fish at long range but also get it over the ledges – tournament offers this and gives a wide range of diameters to choose from to suit every venue we fish.
Adam Scholes - Team Scotland
“My new favourite line, a great casting line which sits brilliantly on the spool, coupled with terrific abrasion resistance and strength.”
David Neil – Scotland International

“As a sole fixed spool user I would seldom use anything else but Power Steel. However, however Tournament has tempted me in some really tough situation with its combination of low diameter and incredible abrasion resistance so I have the ability to fish at very long range but also get it over the ledges. The white, yellow stand out in a spool bag allowing quick selection of the correct diameter when in a match scenario.”
Mike Horn – Scotland International

"Ultima Tournament’s combination of performance and reliability is legendary."
Andy Miller - UKSF

Ultima Tournament

Ultima Tournament is the remarkable super tough surf casting line.
Tournament has been engineered using the very latest copolymers coupled with advanced production techniques to deliver not only Ultima's usual standards of very high strength and knot strength but also a previously unmatched levels of abrasion resistance. 
Ultima Tournament is remarkable as it is over 20 times more abrasion resistant than normal mono and can be used confidently in the toughest conditions.
Due to its soft and supple nature Tournament not only casts brilliantly but beds down on the spool beautifully every time.
Available in two colour option, Yellow and White for high visibility and night fishing, Black is due to be available in spring 2019.

B/St lbs B/St kgs ømm 4oz Spool 500gr Spool
12.0 5.5 0.30 E5942 O
14.0 6.5 0.32 E5944 E5964
16.0 7.2 0.35 E5945 E5965
18.0 8.2 0.38 E5946 E5966
20.0 9.1 0.40 E5947 E5967
25.0 11.4 0.42 E5948 E5968
B/St lbs B/St kgs ømm 4oz Spool 500gr Spool
16.0 7.2 0.35 E5845 E5865
18.0 8.2 0.38 E5846 E5866
20.0 9.1 0.40 E5847 E5867
25.0 11.4 0.42 E5848 E5868
 The ‘E’ number is the product code and shows this product is available. 
If ‘O’ appears then this product is not available in this size/length/colour combination.

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