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Power Carp |Strong Fluorocarbon | Buy Ultima Fishing Line Online 
Power Carp 

Power Carp

Maximum Strength    
Fluorocarbon Coated
Low Stretch     
Ultimate bite detection
Long Casting

Power Carp was developed on gruelling continental waters like Madine and Orient by some of the world's greatest carp anglers.

Power Carp incorporates the most advanced copolymers in the world carp to make it the strongest carp line  there is. Performance is further enhanced by the application of a fluorocarbon coating making Power Carp quick sinking, extremely abrasion resistant and virtually invisible in water.

The stretch factor of Power Carp engineered to be very low to deliver outstanding bite detection, even at distance.

Power Carp has been used by the winners of the World Carp Classic on five separate occasions and is viewed by many as the ultimate carp line.

Colours: Clear or Weed Green
Spool Sizes: 1,000m



"I have been using this material for my all round, go anywhere spools and nothing matches Power Carp when it comes to sheer strength and reliability"
Frank Warwick

"The first and most versatile Ultima Carp product that raised the bar for carp line performance everywhere. Ultima’s experience in producing world beating saltwater lines enabled us to produce strength and abrasion resistance previously unknown in carp fishing. This line has such strength and reliability that that I will always turn to in many situations knowing it will give me total confidence"
Steve Renyard
"Ultima Mainlines are outstanding for sheer strength and Power Carp is unmatched"
Lee Jackson

“Over the years I could never settle on any one make of line, I was always hopping and changing to improve the visual, diameter, and strength aspects.  However a friend of mine recommended Power Carp to me and I was soon able to test it for myself and I must say that I am seriously impressed with it.”
Phil Cousins

This is my mainstream line from the mainline range of products. I have been fishing this at close range where the medium density weight of the fluorocarbon coating allows slack or semi-slack lines to be used. I have also been fishing this without leaders up to 120 yards in the 14lb version with tight lines. I have been using the mist green version which is nigh on invisible in most lake colours. So far I haven't seen any other line that can do short and long range fishing in the same breaking stain!
Paul Cross

Power Carp
The oustanding feature of Power Carp is its versatility and reliability in almost every situation. If you are looking for one main line that you can use with total confidence this would be the choice.

Of all the products we have released in the past few years, Power Carp is probably the most remarkable and its success has grown steadily as more and more  anglers realise just how good and how unique this line really is.

Producing any line is usually a question of objectives, decisions and compromise. It’s all a question of striking the right balance. What sets Power Carp apart is that it delivers exactly what is required in every department, strength, knot strength, abrasion resistance, direct contact and presentation. It is the perfect line for its purpose and it is unique.

Proof of Power Carps performance and acceptance at the highest level was first demonstrated when it was used by Peter Truckle and Andy Judd to win the WCC title at Lac Madine in September 2008. Since then it has gone on to be used by the winners of five more WCC titles.

B/St lbs B/St kgs ømm 1000m Spool
10.0 4.6 0.28 E3031
12.0 5.5 0.31 E3032
14.0 6.5 0.33 E3033
16.0 7.2 0.36 E3034
Mist Green
B/St lbs B/St kgs ømm 1000m Spool
10.0 4.6 0.28 E3072
12.0 5.5 0.31 E3073
14.0 6.5 0.33 E3074
16.0 7.2 0.36 E3072


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