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Anvil | Supple Lead Core Leader | Buy Ultima Fishing Line Onlineá


Super Supple
Easy Splice
Highly Abrasion Resistant
Two Colour Options

Anvil has received unanimous recognition as a remarkable lead core leader from everyone that has used it and is base around a high quality lead core that remains intact in use and won't break or split.

Anvil is amazingly soft and hugs the contours of the lake bed aiding concealment.

The fleck colour effect of the outer sleeve provides very effective camouflage and it is easy to splice in all sizes.

With its excellent abrasion resistant qualities, Anvil must be considered to be the best lead core available.

Colour: Weed, Mud/Silt, Gravel
25.0 / 35.0 / 45.0lb
Spool Size: 10m



“Has to be the number one choice in a lead core. Phenomenally strong, very easy to splice and the most supple on the market. It presents absolutely perfectly and being so supple is the best lead core to use with chod rigs. A really impressive development from Ultima”
Mark Hutchinson

“When we designed Anvil it took a long time to source the right lead. Many lead cores use a regular lead that tends to split, but Anvil incorporates a special lead alloy Ultima developed not only prevent splitting but also to make this the most supple lead core available delivering maximum concealment on the lake bed.”
Steve Renyard
“This remarkable leader had been tested in the most demanding conditions on several trips to Rainbow and has come through every test unscathed. It gives such a sense of confidence.”
Alan Taylor

L’ultimo metro di lenza è senza dubbio il più importante, perciò voglio un leadcore che non scenda a compromessi!.....Ultima Anvil 45lb.
Stefano Frutti – Team Ultima Italia

Che ci siano pietre,legnaie o fango…il leadcore Anvil fa sempre ciò che è giusto! Lo utilizzo da anni con assoluta fiducia e non mi ha mai deluso!
Riccardo Masut – Team Ultima Italia

Semplice da utilizzare e molto,molto robusto…..talmente pesante che si adagia perfettamente su qualsiasi fondale…il leadcore Anvil ha una qualità fuori dal commune.
Andrea Fatato – Team Ultima Italia

Anvil Leadcore

Anvil has a robust lead core and a camouflaged outer sleeve and is so easy to splice in all sizes. Anvil is, to our knowledge, the most supple lead core available. It hugs the contours of the lake bed, aiding presentation and concealment as well as having extreme abrasion resistant qualities. A carefully created fleck pattern in each colour provides maximum camouflage. The high quality lead remains intact and won't break or split. A really superb and reliable product.

B/St lbs B/St kgs 10m Spool
35.0 15.9 F4706
45.0 20.3 F4708
B/St lbs B/St kgs 10m Spool
35.0 15.9 F4716
45.0 20.3 F4718
'The best leadcore on the Market'
Mark Hutchinson

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