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Pure Power |Soft Pure Fluorocarbon | Buy Ultima Fishing Line Online�
Ultima Pure Power 

Ultima Pure Power

Pure Fluorocarbon
High Strength
Super Soft
Ultra-Fast Sinking
Long Casting

Ultima Pure Power is regarded by most of the angling elite as the ultimate fluorocarbon mainline.

Pure Power is strong, and sinks quickly like any pure fluorocarbon, however, what sets Pure Power apart from aother fluorocarbons is its great softness. This is the result of Ultima’s unique post-extrusion softening process that gives the line the softness and suppleness similar to a normal mono.

Pure Power is probably the only fluorocarbon that can be used effectively for casting in breaking strains up to 16lb. Using the 14lb, Mark Hutchinson achieved a cast of over 180yds, an achievement yet to be equalled by any other pure fluorocarbon.

Pure Power is superior to any other pure fluorocarbon mainline.

Colour: Clear
Spool Size: 200m

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Pure Power
"Pure Power is the supplest Fluorocarbon on the market, and the only truly castable pure Fluorocarbon. Hutch has cast over 180yds with it which is phenomenal. I use it mainly for shorter close work because it sinks like a brick. Pure Power has helped me to a number or records and PB’s"
Steve Renyard
"No other fluorocarbon comes close in strength, softness or reliability. Ultima Pure Power is the ultimate fluorocarbon mainline."
Jim Shelly

"For clear water conditions when you want to get your lines down as quickly as possible Pure Power is the first choice because it sinks like a brick and its unique suppleness is unmatched in any other fluorocarbon. It’s the only fluorocarbon that ticks all the boxes."
Lee Jackson

"I always change to Pure Power if the lake is gin clear. Being a pure fluorocarbon main line it's perfect for getting those wary carp. It sinks like a brick and completely invisible to the eye fishing over gravel. I have 110% confidence in this line and that's what we're all after. Try it out, you will be amazed.
Liam Gingell

Ultima Pure Power

Ultima Pure Power© is the ultimate fluorocarbon mainline and was developed in conjunction with Steve Renyard specifically for the carp angler.

Pure Power© is strong and sinks quickly, like any fluorocarbon, however, what sets Pure Power apart from all other fluorocarbons is its softness and castability. This is the result of Ultima's unique post-extrusion softening process that gives the line a suppleness more like that of a normal mono, so it can be used in breaking strains up to 16lb as a casting mainline. Mark Hutchinson achieved in excess of 180yds with the 14lb, an achievement yet to be matched by any other fluorocarbon.

If you are faced with fishing gin clear waters then the use of a pure carbon mainline can be extremely beneficial because of its invisibility. Carp in these kind of waters tend to be a bit more aware of foreign objects that suddenly appear in their environment. Pure fluorocarbon also has the benefit of it being an ultra-heavy line so it sinks very quickly, hugs the contours of the lakebed and actively buries itself in the bottom especially when fishing slack lines. The other aspects that impress with this line are that for a pure fluorocarbon it is very smooth to cast with hardly any ring slapping and how extremely abrasion resistant it is while still maintaining amazing suppleness.

Pure Power has excellent knot strength and Grinner knots and Palomar knots are recommended for attaching leaders.

Pure power can be fished straight through or used in conjunction with wither a pure fluorocarbon leader like Guerrilla or a snag leader like Vulcanite. You can also use lead core or leaderless braided leaders attached using a shockleader knot.

Pure Power is unique and cannot be compared with any other fluorocarbon mainline.

B/St lbs B/St kgs ømm 1000m Spool
12.0 5.5 0.31 E3411
14.0 6.5 0.33 E3412
16.0 7.2 0.36 E3413

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