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Enigma | Hi Abrasion Leader Rig Body | Buy Online At The Ultima Store


Abrasion Proof
20 times more abrasion resistant
Perfect Presentation
Long Casting
Super Soft

Enigma is the specialist abrasion proof ultra soft line from Ultima that is the result of  the latest developments in polymer technology.

The incorporation of a unique aluminium compound for the first time into a fishing line has produced an abrasion resistance more than 20 times that of normal mono.  Remarkably Enigma is also the most supple and memory free line yet developed.

Perfect in the lower diameters for distance casting in the most severe conditions, in higher diameters Enigma is ideal for all types of rig and leader making. The 70lb sand in particular has become the line of choice as a rig body material with many elite anglers.  

A great success at the 2016 Home Internationals being used as rig material to claim both Gold and Silver medalas and again in 2017, 2018 and 2023

Colours: Sand
Range: 50lb to 70lb
Spool Sizes: 50m, Bangle Spool, 4oz, 500gr Spool



"I use Enigma because of its versatile nature – can be pulled straight when three whiting wrap up the body of the rig – comes in a variety of strengths and two extremely good colours which are both easy to spot on the beach but nearly invisible fishing over mud or sand."
Andy Pasfield - Team Scotland

"Enigma is a remarkable line, memory free with perfect knotting."
Dave Lane - Team England

"Enigma is so soft and smooth and yet will take a beating like no other line I have ever used"
Chris Stephens - Team Wales

"Ultima Enigma is remarkable. It’s totally memory free and knots perfectly"
Ben Bradstock

"I use Enigma for everything from a rig body on standard ‘heavy’  3 hook flappers for traditional style 6oz fishing to snoods for heavy ground fishing and even in the 50lb sand for estuary flounders with sliding stops. The supple nature of the material make it perfect for a multitude of applications."
Chris Horn - Team Scotland
"I use Enigma primarily as a rig body for clipped rigs and flapping options, it stretches well after being wrapped up and any abrasions after use can clearly be viewed on the body allowing you to change it."
Mike Kyle - Team Scotland

“I use Enigma for my trace bodies over mixed or rough ground, and it’s totally reliable and incredibly tough. I particularly like the way it goes totally straight after just a light stretch.”
David Neil – Scotland International

“I use Enigma primarily as a rig body for clipped rigs and flapping options, but have also started using it for snoods in 50/60lb breaking strains when fishing over heavy ground for big fish. The line shows damage very clearly allowing the snoods to be replaced which is crucial when fishing over heavy ground.”
Mike Horn – Scotland International
"Enigma shock leaders are amazing, the best I've ever used. The abrasion resistance, knot strength and soft feel to these lines is unlike anything I have seen before."
Mark Hudson - Total Sea Fishing


Developed by Ultima's team of world class anglers, Enigma is the remarkable new leader that is, as one would expect from Ultima. Incredibly strong with phenomenal knot strength. The remarkable fact about Enigma is that it offers two completely opposite characteristics married together in this unique product. The inclusion of a patented new aluminium compound has increased the abrasion resistance of Enigma to more than twenty times that of a standard mono. Remarkable enough in itself, but by also using the very latest polymer technology, Ultima Enigma is also the supplest and smoothest leader imaginable, with absolutely no memory. Tested extensively at the highest level Enigma should be the lealer of choice for any saltwater angler.

B/St lbs B/St kgs ømm 50m Spool Bangle 4oz Spool 500gr Spool
50.0 22.6 0.70 F6920 F6940 F6980 E6990
60.0 27.2 0.75 F6921 F6941 F6981 E6991
70.0 31.8 0.80 F6922 F6942 F6982 E6992
The ‘E’ number is the product code and shows this product is available.
If ‘O’ appears then this product is not available in this size/length/colour combination.

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