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MemorX | Memory Free Hook  Snood | Buy Online At The Ultima Store


Ultimate Presentation
Perfect Knotting
No Memory
Perfect Hook Length
Extra Strong

Ultima Memor-X has been an evolving project over the past few years as new materials an production techniques have helped us to improve this product and perfect its performance as a hook length and snoods for saltwater and predator fishing.

Totally memory free, Memor-X ties perfect small knots and delivers a natural bait presentation. While soft and supple there is no permanent elongation in use allowing rigs to be used again and again without the need to change them even after landing heavy fish.

Memor-X is strong with excellent knot strength and superb reliability and is the ultimate saltwater hook length material.

Available Colours: Clear, Red, Black
Spool Size: 100m Spool.



"MemorX gives ultimate bait presentation with all varieties of bait. Its strength is exceptional. I have even used MemorX to handle conger over the rough ground fishing in the fast flowing waters of the Menai Straight.  The strength, reliability and knot quality are exceptional. A simply superb snood line."
Mike Flynn - Team Wales

"MemorX just gets better and better and other snood materials are not even close. The 25lb Red is just amazing."
Chris Read - Double Penn Final Winner

"I have used Memorex for a long time now having now been one to follow the use of fluorocarbon for flounder fishing in the UK, I use Memorex in a range of diameters and even for bodies because of its suppleness and high strength."
Alan Combe - Team Scotland

"I use primarily the 0.35 15lb Memorex for a lot of my fishing combining it with Enigma or Powerflex depending on situation – its low memory and strength make it a great choice for all round fishing."
Mike Kyle - Team Scotland

"I use Memorex as a rig body for a lot of my finer rigs in 0.40 and 0.50 using its strengths as an advantage with that little bit of stretch and knot stretch really giving me faith in it. Also easy to untangle lighter snoods from it."
Andy Pasfield - Team Scotland
Ultima MemorX

Ultima MemorX© has been designed to deliver perfect presentation in a hook snood. Smooth and supple Ultima MemorX© has absolutely no memory and ties perfectly straight, neat, small knots that stand out from the rig body perfectly. Memor-X© is also designed to eliminate any permanent elongation so it maintains perfect presentation cast after cast. Memor-X© has been designed to cope with the rigours of rough, unpredictable ground with a super high abrasion resistance. Produced in three different colours to cover all eventualities, Clear, Red and Black. The ultimate hook snood material.

B/St lbs B/St kgs ømm 50m Spool
15.0 6.8 0.35 E6734
20.0 9.1 0.40 E6735
25.0 11.3 0.45 E6736
30.0 13.6 0.50 E6737
B/St lbs B/St kgs ømm 50m Spool
15.0 6.8 0.35 E6774
20.0 9.1 0.40 E6775
25.0 11.3 0.45 E6776
30.0 13.6 0.50 E6777
B/St lbs B/St kgs ømm 50m Spool
15.0 6.8 0.35 E6754
20.0 9.1 0.40 E6755
25.0 11.3 0.45 E6756
30.0 13.6 0.50 E6757
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