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Power Steel |Super Strong Mono |Buy Online At The Ultima Store
Power Steel 

Power Steel

Ultra Strong
Long Casting
Low Stretch
Fluorocarbon Coated
Low Diameter 

Power Steel is the strongest mono there is with the best strength to diameter ratio yet achieved.  

Designed with a very low stretch factor so that Power Steel delivers great sensitivity even at extreme range. The advanced copolymer formulation produces an unmatched abrasion resistance enabling the use of lower diameters at far greater distances than ever before.

Since its introduction Power Steel has been adopted by many of the international angling elite  including Team Wales and Team Scotland and has proved itself at the highest levels of competition where high strength and low diameter are vital.

Power Steel is perfect  when you need to use fine diameters at distance for continental style fishing. 

Colours: Crystal Clear
Spool Sizes: 300m, 600m, 4oz & 1/2kg
Range: 2.2lb to 30.0lb

NB: Due to maximum spool capaity on 600m spools the 25lb contains only 500m and 30lb only 400m. The price remains the same.




"Power Steel has been essential to my success over the years"
Chris Read - Double Penn Final Winner

"Power Steel offers the highest breaking strain to diameter available, and along with its suppleness, great casting ability and exceptional knot strength, this line is a must for any serious angler."
Barney Wright - Editor TSF

“I have used Power Steel over the years and particularly like the abrasion resistance and knot strength the line offers in all diameters. The wide range of diameters also presents options for extra distance when required.”
Billy Buckley – Scotland International

I use Power Steel primarily in the lower diameters from 0.17 up to 0.30 for its low stretch and high knot strength. Knot strength in key on the lower diameter lines when joining to a tapered leader.
Brian Maxwell – Team Scotland

I use Power Steel due to its incredible strength to diameter. The coating on it also seems to make it soft and come off the reel easily helping to cast to the limit when required.
Adam Scholes - Team Scotland

Questo prodotto è creato per la pesca in mare ed è molto utilizzato nelle competizioni agonistiche per la creazione di terminali grazie alla sua estrema morbidezza e resistenza al nodo.
Mauro Mormile – Team Ultima Italia
Questo filato ha uno speciale rivestimento in fluorocarbon che lo rende particolarmente mimetico in acqua garantendo una resistenza al nodo eccellente in tutte le condizioni. Nei diametri più grandi è eccellente anche nella pesca al Serra dalla spiaggia.
Emilioano Bani – Team Ultima Italia
Un monofilo di colore neutro disponibile in misure anche molto sottili, la sua varietà di diametri lo rende adatto a vari tipi di pesca, come la Bolognese,il surf casting o la pesca con il vivo da terra.
Raffaele Carotenuto – Team Ultima Italia

I use Power Steel on my fixed spool reels joined to a Powerflex tapered leader because of the sensitivity it offers as a mainline. It feels almost like using a braid with its low stretch allowing bites to be spotted earlier, without any disadvantages of braid as a mainline.
Chris Horn - Team Scotland

“Power Steel is my go to line for fixed spool use and when bites are shy. Having less stretch than any other mono, bites are easily seen even at extreme range.”
David Neil – Scotland International

"Power Steel is the new standard by which all monos must now be judged. The control you get with the Intelligent Stretch is quite unlike anything else."
Dave Chidzoy - England International

"Power Steel is the new standard by which all moons must now be judged. The control you get with the Intelligent Stretch is quite unlike anything else."
Julian Shambrook - England International

"The sheer strength of this line is unbelievable and superior to any other mono I've ever seen and the ultra-low stretch telegraphs bites more like braid than mono"
Keith Williams

"An amazing line that has proved itself at so many world events now"
Pete Corker - World Silver Medallist

Power Steel

Power Steel® has the best strength to diameter ratio of any line. Power steel is also unique as it uses Ultima's unique Intelligent Stretch® technology that allows Power Steel® to deliver ultra low almost braid like sensitivity when you strike. The addition of a fluorocarbon coating makes Power Steel® extremely soft and a dream to cast. It also makes it hard to see and increases the already high abrasion resistance to more than 12 times that of normal mono. Power Steel® is perfect for long range continental surfcasting as well as spinning and lure fishing. This has to be the line of choice for those who only want the very best.
B/St lbs B/St kgs ømm 300m Spool 600m Spool 4oz Spool 500gr Spool
2.2 1.0 0.13 E0044 O O O
2.6 1.2 0.15 E0045 O O O
3.2 1.5 0.17 E0046 O O O
4.4 2.0 0.19 E0047 O O O
5.0 2.3 0.21 E0048 O O O
6.0 2.8 0.23 E0049 E0069 E0109 E0132
8.0 3.6 0.25 E0050 E0070 E0110 E0133
10.0 4.6 0.28 E0051 E0071 E0111 E0134
12.0 5.5 0.30 E0052 E0072 E0112 E0135
15.0 6.8 0.32 E0053 E0073 E0113 E0136
18.0 8.1 0.34 E0054 E0074 E0114 E0137
20.0 9.1 0.36 E0055 E0075 E0115 E0132
25.0 11.4 0.38 O E0076 E0116 E0133
30.0 13.6 0.40 O E0077 E0117 E0134
The ‘E’ number is the product code and shows this product is available. 
If ‘O’ appears then this product is not available in this size/length/colour combination


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